Renesas 的 Timing Commander? 是一個基于 Windows? 的創新軟件平臺,通過這個平臺,系統設計工程師可以通過直觀且靈活的圖形用戶界面 (GUI) 對精密的計時設備進行配置、編程和監控。 借助該支持工具,客戶可以縮短開發周期,對 Renesas 先進的定時解決方案進行優化配置。

下載 Timing Commander


Timing Commander product personality files are available for download from the product page specific to your device. Type your product number in the search bar to find the product page. The file download is located in the Software & Tools section of that page.


更多關于 Timing Commander 的介紹

Timing Commander 平臺旨在為各種 Renesas 產品和產品系列提供人性化配置界面,即所謂的個性。 只需幾下簡單的點擊,用戶就能看到一個綜合型互動式框圖,這個框圖為用戶提供修改所需輸入值、輸出值和其他配置設置的功能。 該軟件會自動進行計算,報告狀態監控結果并且準備好寄存器設置,無需引用數據表。 這個工具還能通過 USB 自動加載配置設置至 Renesas 評估板電路,從而支持直接電路應用。 設備經配置和調整獲得最佳系統性能后,可以保存配置文件作為裝運前的工廠級編程。

Timing Commander 軟件允許用戶放大、縮小設備的框圖,點擊各框以詳細了解其功能并且切換關鍵參數。 將鼠標懸停在輸入字段即可顯示該字段的詳細信息,無須參考數據表;軟件使用分數輸入語法,避免了無限小數問題。 其他功能包括保護設定的輸入字段、直接查看并且根據需要對寄存器進行單獨或集體修改,使靈活度達到最高水平。 與設備相關的先進功能包括相位噪聲曲線生成、原理圖符號和終端電路生成以及功耗估算等。


IDT Timing Commander? Software Overview


IDT's innovative support tool, Timing Commander?, expedites development cycles by empowering customers to program sophisticated timing devices with an intuitive and flexible Graphical User Interface. IDT's Timing Commander is a Windows?-based platform designed to serve user-friendly configuration interfaces, known as personalities, for various IDT products and product families. With a few simple clicks, the user is presented with a comprehensive, interactive block diagram offering the ability to modify desired input values, output values, and other configuration settings. The software automatically makes calculations, reports status monitors, and prepares register settings without the need to reference a datasheet. The tool also automatically loads the configuration settings over USB to an IDT evaluation board for immediate application in the circuit. Once the device has been configured and tuned for optimal system performance, the configuration file can be saved for factory-level programming prior to shipment. For more information about Timing Commander, visit



Narrator: In a data driven world, timing is everything. That's why more and more system design engineers are using products from the world leader in silicon timing, IDT. IDT has earned its reputation for excellence by providing a wide range of leading technologies for wireless and wired communications infrastructure, high performance computing, and advanced power management.

And with a product portfolio 10 times greater than the competition, IDT is uniquely qualified to be your one-stop-shop for timing solutions. IDT's innovative Windows-based software platform, Timing Commander, makes it easy to configure, program, and monitor all your sophisticated timing devices.

Steven: What's great about IDT's Timing Commander is that it helps you avoid tedious manageable configurations so you can focus on other areas of your design.

Narrator: IDT's Timing Commander serves up intuitive configuration interfaces or personalities for all of IDT's programmable timing products. With a few simple clicks, you can generate a comprehensive, interactive block diagram and modified desired input values, output values, and other configuration settings. The software also writes your settings over USB to an IDT evaluation board for immediate application in the circuit. It really is as easy as one, two, three.

Steven: The Timing Commander software automatically makes calculations, monitors status, and prepares register settings so you don't have to reference a data sheet. Built-in documentation is readily available. Just hover over a setting, and real time validation ensures that the configuration complies with data sheet specifications. Whether you're a first time user or an experienced engineer, Timing Commander offers you the right amount of control.

Narrator: To help you program complex devices more intuitively, Timing Commander's advanced features include the ability to create phase noise estimates, generate the schematic symbol and termination circuit and determine the optimal balance between performance and power consumption.

Steven: Once your devices are configured and tuned for optimal system performance, you can save the configuration files for factory-level programming prior to shipment.

Narrator: Timing Commander is just one example of the innovative timing solutions IDT delivers.

Peter: From simple fanout buffers and multiplexers to fully featured products like universal frequency translators, network synchronization devices, and VersaClock families, IDT has a wide range of products optimized for specific applications. You can also count on IDT for the lowest jitter and lowest power features to help you build the world class products your customers demand.

Narrator: It's time to put IDT timing solutions to work for your business, and with the power of Timing Commander software, it's easier than ever. To learn more, visit IDT online or give us a call today.